Travel Tips from IMI Practitioners

Are you planning to travel this summer? Here are some travel tips from our practitioners to help you and your loved ones to have a happy and healthy summer trip.

Dr Ardyce Yik, Naturopathic Doctor

hydrationIt's very important to keep hydrated. Often times, children are so excited or preoccupied on vacation that they don't even know when they are thirsty. Offer them water and fluids at regular intervals. Being active, travelling and staying out in the sun can cause dehydration, so make sure you bring water with you wherever you go.

Graeme Bradshaw, Naturopath, Homeopath

The best thing I find for long haul flights is the No-Jet-Lag. It helps me to arrive fresh. When I arrive after 12 hours in the economy class, I could feel tired, have some muscle aches and sometimes feel grouchy, too.

With the No-Jet-lag homeopathic combination taken through the flight, it's more like a 3-hour bus trip! Nice to stretch out and breathe once I get out of the airport, but no problem with jet lag aches, fatigue or irritability.

No-Jet-Lag doesn't take care of the time difference sleep issues though, for which Melatonin is better. Melatonin halves the number of days it takes to meet the local sleep clock, which may still take me 4 days for the Hong Kong to USA legs I do yearly.

Dr Michael Back, Chiropractic Doctor

pillowOne thing I would recommend, especially if someone is flying long haul and hoping to sleep, is one of those wrap-around neck pillows. Also, get up, stretch and walk around, often!

Nathalie Tellier, Osteopath

I never get on a long flight without my trustworthy neck pillow!!

If you have a long flight—mine will be almost 17 hours long—make sure you have a good quality neck pillow, to support your neck, whether you are just sitting, or dozing off. Mine is filled with beads and is covered with nice soft material.

And don't forget to get up and walk around, to get the circulation going and relax some of the muscles in your body.

Dr Benita Perch, Naturopathic Doctor

Always travel with probiotics (OpticBac), Sambucus (in case you get sick), homeopathic Nux Vomic and Arsenicum for food poisoning, Arnica if any injuries or traumeel. Take Sambucus before flying, as there are always sick people on the plane!

Jackie Graham, Holistic Therapist

oilAs an Aromatherapist, I usually travel with a first-aid kit of essential oils, which comes in useful, especially when travelling with young kids.

Lavender is an excellent mosquito repellant. A few drops on the palm or rub some on you arms and legs will keep the little monsters away. Lavender will also help relieving the pain and stop any blistering if you burn yourself on a flame.

Tea Tree is a natural anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial agent—a must for all first aid kits. If you have been stung, or have a small cut or graze, one drop of tea tree will keep the wound clean. If you catch a cold or flu, put a few drops of this oil in a hot bowl of water, then lean over and breathe the fumes deeply. It will help with any bacterial or viral infections.

Peppermint is very good for the treatment of travel sickness, migraine or headache. For travel sickness, put one drop on a tissue and then smell it while travelling is excellent. Also for headache and migraine, one or two drops on a cotton pad, and press on the temples while resting.

Rosemary is great if you are on an active holiday. A few drops in your bath at night will soothe your muscles. It is an excellent treatment for all muscular aches and pains.

Anita Cheng, Dispensary Manager and Pharmacist

I always bring ViraCon with me when I travel. This is a great remedy for boosting your immunity. I want to enjoy my vacation and make sure I don't get sick. So if I feel anything coming on, I'll take it three times a day to help my body fight it naturally.