Supplement Recommendations For Protection Against Pollutants and Free Radicals

Innate® Response C Complete Powder

This unique and gentle powdered formula provides rich, non-acidic Vitamin C (calcium and magnesium ascorbate) and other natural co-factors extracted from vitamin C superfoods (Acerola, Camu camu, Goji and Amla fruits). As well there are good doses of a phenolic rich food blend high in antioxidants and flavonoids (quercitin, hisperidin, rutin) synergistic with the vitamin C make this the perfect supplement to process the daily toxic load we intake here in polluted Hong Kong.

Vitamin C is often thought of as for immunity, which it does help. Additionally vitamin C and the related flavenoids assists our resistance to stress and support healthy blood vessels. It also increase the most important detoxification anti-oxidant in our body. The average daily intake of vitamin C barely makes it over 100mg—for both adults and children. However, our immunity is not fully activated until some 200mg are available daily.

C Complete Powder, having natural cofactors with the vitamin C, is more effective than other vitamin C products in the marketplace.

How much of this pleasant orange tasting powder to take daily? A quarter soop will provide approximately 500mg of vitamin C, plus all the flavenoids and anti-oxidant fruit ingredients. OA study once daily 500mg dosing of the simple L-ascorbic acid form of vitamin C for just a couple of weeks on average raised glutathione levels by some 50% (See here for reference). The ideal detox dose is 500mg morning and night since vitamin C leaves the body quickly. Children show benefit from as little as 250mg daily.

Product available in IMI Dispensary, or you may buy online.

EnduraCell Plus

If you have to take just one daily detoxification supplement, EnduraCell Plus is it! Sulphoraphanes, an important detoxification phyto nutrientsfrom from broccoli sprouts, do an awesome job at protecting our cells from diseases—see the list reports at the bottom of this page.

Three day old broccoli sprouts are the richest source of sulphoraphanes. EnduraCell Plus provides a natural source of very high potency sulphoraphane, which stimulates cellular detoxification (by raising production of Glutathione) and has DNA repair capacities. Broccoli and the cabbage family are well researched to offer protective properties against certain cancers, notably of the breast and prostate. The sulphorophane extracts from broccoli sprouts have been extensively researched, and a good representation of studies can be found here.

EnduraCell Plus also has selenium added, because this allows the glutathione to act for longer, by helping it to recycle, to search for moree toxins to bind and reduce. Selenium also binds mercury itself, removing it from damaging forms.

Once you learn more about the incredible properties of Broccoli Seed Extract (sulphorophanes) and understand the critical role of glutathione as an anti-aging compound, you will probably choose to stay on EnduraCell Plus long term. It's worth mentioning that many such extracts are unstable, degrading quickly after being harvested. The Australian manufacturer of this product overcame this problem, so you can take EnduraCell Plus with confidence.

Recommendded to take 2 capsules daily, so the pack of 60 “vege” capsules will last a month.

Product available in IMI Dispensary, or you may buy online.

Innate® Response Complete Multi Powder with CoQ10

This orange flavoured great tasting mix of FoodState® antioxidants such as Vitamin A (mixed carotewnoid forms), vitamin C, D, E, and Selenium, is complimented with a clinical studied does of Coenzyme Q10 for extra protection against free radicals and anti-aging benefits.

FoodState® antioxidant vitamins are more complex and effective than the synthetic pharmaceutically produced ones from the typical supplements in the market.

The advantage of a powder over tablets is better absorption, and the ability to stack the product with more minerals. The Complete Multi Powder 1 scoop daily dose in water will provide 300mg of both Calcium and Magnesium bound to easily absorbed chelates. Ordinarily that amount of these two minerals would take up to 6 capsules to swallow!

The B vitamins in the Complete Multi Powder are also in the active bio-available forms. This includes the vitamin B6 (as (P-5-P), the folate (derived from broccoli) and the B12 in the most active form of methylcobalamine. That bio-available natural form is a vitally important difference when it comes to B complex being biologically protective. The active form also doesnt taste so bad as regular synthetic man made B vitamins as found in the marketplace.

Practitioners at IMI reccomend this product as superior to others ordinary multivitamins for these reasons and the fact that the anti-oxidant vitamins are not synthetic man made industrial products, but are extracted complexes from real food. These are biologically more active in the complex natural forms.

IMI strives to provide you with more effective products, and this FoodState and chelated mineral Complete Multi Powder is a great example. You will also find the pleasant powder form really works well, overcoming the need for many pills!

Product available in IMI Dispensary, or you may buy online.

NutrisSlim Detox Mix

This organic mix of raw superfoods contains wheatgrass (50%), spirulina (20%), barley grass, chlorella, and lucuma (10% each). It provides the ideal green superfood support for a healthy and active lifestyle in our polluted city.

Chlorella has been identified as one of the most powerful herbal detox foods, one that for example removes mercury from the body tissues and gut.

Spirulina has been shown to remove toxic arsenic, a common pesticide residue in rice and other produce. Spirulina also correctly claims to be the most nutritious green food on our planet.

Wheatgrass and barley grass increases an antioxidant enzyme (SOD), adding extra protective and immune supportive effects. Many claim to have less infections and less joint issues when taking these green leaf products.

NutrisSlim's Detox super green-food product is also energising and alkalising, benefiting our metabolic functions in many ways.

Recommendation—a heaped tables of 6 grams daily in water.

Ideally for a green super food with vitamin, mineral and vitamin C blast—and importantly one that tastes better than the greens alone—add the C Complete Powder and Complete Multi Powder with CoQ10. Perfect for a morning super nutritional health food drink.

Gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, free from any coloring, flavouring or preservatives.

Product available in IMI Dispensary, or you may buy online.

Vital Nutrients’ Detox Formula

This encapsulated formula is expertly designed for liver and detoxification support. It provides amino acids such as NAC (N-Acetyl-l-Cysteine) and lipoic acid as well as milk thistle extract and other herbs that supports the body’s detoxification pathways and healthy liver function under stress.

People with sensitivity to chemicals such as perfumes or air pollution have found this product to be very helpful, especially combined with the C Complete Powder and EnduraCell Plus—the Broccoli Extract. Each product works in a different way to support glutathione production and recycling, thus removing many pollutants safely from the body. Most people are recommended the Detox Formula at 2 capsules twice daily for 2 - 3 months in the IMI clinic, as this is normally an adequate time to remove many toxic burdens adequately enough see a good clinical response.

Product available in IMI Dispensary, or you may buy online.



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