Naturopathic Prenatal Care Program with Dr Ardyce Yik (ND)

This is specially designed to support women during their pregnancy, from conception to birth and beyond and is ideal for women who want a drugless, all-natural, optimal pregnancy. It offers naturopathic alternatives to Western/ allopathic medicine.

Dr Ardyce Yik (ND) provides safe, effective, natural support for symptoms during pregnancy including but not limited to morning sickness, colds, flus, infections, digestive upset, insomnia, poor sleep, fatigue and skin conditions (e.g. eczema flare-ups).

You can join anytime during your pregnancy. Weight and blood pressure will be taken at each visit. Lab tests for Rh factor, complete blood count (anemia), blood sugar (gestational diabetes), ferritin (iron storage), etc. can be ordered.

Visit #1: You're pregnant! (4 to 12 weeks; book when you first find out you're pregnant)

Discussion of the basics and how to approach your pregnancy; screening for possible health concerns such as Rh factor, thyroid function, anemia, iron levels, etc.

Topics discussed include: what to avoid; prenatal vitamins; dispelling common misconceptions

Discussion of natural medicines in alleviating common symptoms encountered in the first trimester e.g. nausea, indigestion, anxiety, sleeplessness, etc. Treatment will be given as necessary.

Visit #2: Cruising along! (13 to 20 weeks)

Personalized diet analysis to ensure you and your baby are getting your nutritional requirements

Discussion of giving your baby the best headstart to health (baby's brain development, prevention of allergies, etc.)—starting in the womb!

Discussion of optimal exercise during pregnancy, stress management, prevention of common third trimester complications such as gestational diabetes and high blood pressure i.e. pre-eclampsia

Resources for prenatal classes, acupuncture, osteopathy and other labor support

Visit #3: Final Stretch (26-30 weeks)

Discussion of labour and delivery choices; birth plan; pain management techniques

Discussion of factors affecting postpartum depression and preventive measures

Personalized diet analysis to ensure you and your baby are getting your nutritional requirements

Visit #4: Almost There! (32-36 weeks)

Ensuring mother is prepared physically, mentally and emotionally for labour, delivery and beyond

Discussion of expectations around childbirth, new addition to family

Review of pain management techniques during labour; naturopathic support and alternatives to drugs

Discussion of postnatal health for mother and baby; nutrition, nutraceuticals, breastfeeding resources, lactation and infant care (for infections, immune system support, prevention of allergies, etc.)

"My eczema had gotten a lot worse as soon as I became pregnant. While I was trying my best to refrain from topical steroids, Dr Yik gave me a plant-based lotion which I found very helpful for coping with the itchiness. Towards the later stages I had not been able to sleep well due to frequent urination at night, the natural medicine she gave me for sleep helped me tremendously. The first pregnancy is always filled with uncertainties and fear, fortunately I was able to get through it with Dr Yik's expertise."
—E.H., Dietician

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