Naturopathic Fertility Enhancement Program with Dr Ardyce Yik (ND)

Are you:

  • Looking for ways to boost fertility after months (or years) of trying to conceive without success?
  • Suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, recurrent miscarriages, low sperm count or hormonal imbalances?
  • Seeking health advice and adjunctive therapy before/during IVF or IUI to improve your chances of a successful pregnancy?
  • Confused that you are unable to conceive even though the doctors/ specialists have found nothing wrong?

You’re not alone.

The Natural Fertility Enhancement Program--an individualized, detailed plan to optimize your overall health, reproductive and beyond.

Dr. Ardyce Yik (ND) will listen to your full health history before addressing any underlying health conditions, nutritional deficiencies, toxic overload and other factors hindering pregnancy. She looks into every detail of your health status and medical history to ensure that every aspect is optimal for conception and pregnancy.

Below are a few examples of how Dr. Yik’s root-cause investigation, analysis and treatment have helped women not only to conceive but also carry a healthy baby to term:

Example 1: Inflammation (even mild to moderate degrees) of the cervix may hinder or affect sperm from optimal entry into the uterus. This is fairly common and easily detected on PAP smears, but it is rarely brought up by doctors or ob/gyns. Many patients are surprised when they find out they have it but were never told, despite doing annual PAP smears. Natural medicine can help clear up cervical inflammation within one to three months’ time.

Example 2: Often times, women find out that they are not ovulating regularly, even though they don’t have a particular “health condition”. Their periods may even be on-the-dot regular. There are various nutraceuticals and natural medicines that help not only to stimulate regular ovulation but also to improve circulation to and from the pelvic area for optimal reproductive function.

Example 3: Nutrient deficiencies sometimes play a factor in infertility or spontaneous miscarriage. People often think they are eating (and supplementing) well, but if they have digestive problems or nutrient absorption issues, they are unable to absorb the nutrients from the foods they are eating. Since the ability to conceive as well as the baby’s growth and development during pregnancy/ lactation depend on your health and nutrient status, these issues need to be addressed.

Example 4: Are there underlying conditions or reasons for your infertility or recurrent miscarriages? Some patients are recommended to do heavy metal toxicity testing, one of the possible reasons for “unexplained” infertility which tends to be overlooked. Other patients with unexplained recurrent miscarriages may have an MTHFR gene defect. For others, a thyroid imbalance or autoimmune condition may hinder a successful pregnancy.

Example 5: Patients planning to do IVF find naturopathic medicine useful in boosting nutrition, improving egg quality and uterine lining, promoting pelvic circulation and optimizing overall health. Dr. Yik plays a supportive role in these cases, and she has helped women doing IVF successfully conceive (these women are often those who have tried IVF on its own a few times without success).

Example 6: For those in their 20s and 30s, many think that once you’ve had a baby, there would be no problem having a second or third. But it turns out that a number of moms are (often silently) experiencing secondary infertility, where they are unable to conceive after previously having a baby. Treatment aims at resolving underlying issues such as pelvic congestion, inovulation and fatigue/ stress from taking care of the family.

The Natural Fertility Enhancement Program is a personalized program. Visits and medicines will vary depending on each individual’s needs.

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