Practitioner Recommendations: Superfoods

Our practitioners recommend the following products:

Good Green Stuff™ (300g)

The idea of this product is to provide superfoods, probiotics and vitamin-mineral content in one tasty drink. So its 3 products in 1 – convenience plus. Over 75 ingredients, with hundreds of vital nutrients. This tasty blend is a power combo of greens, fruits, veggies and berries designed to help put the spring back in your step. The added vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics and herbs make Good Green Stuff an ultimate and simple to do lifestyle supplement.


Renewal Greens (300g)

Greens blend with emphasis on organic barley grass, spirulina & chlorella. Vegetable and fruit blends high in antioxidants. The unique feature is Capros® - extracted from Amla fruit - clinically studied to deliver collagen enhancement and outstanding antioxidant value. The alkaline greens are suitable for pH balancing which may assist your mobility and/or food cravings. With 18 billion probiotics per serve it takes care of many digestive issues as well.

Combines well with Complete Multi Powder with CoQ10, and Essential Balance Omega 3, 6, 9 oil to provide your ultimate health food drink ahead of your busy day. Mixes well in water and taste is enhanced well with Stevia, the natural sweetener.


Miracle Reds® Superfood (283.5g powder, 32 servings)

Miracle Reds® is a best tasting super fruit extract full of polyphenols and antioxidant phyto nutrients, combined with an alkalizing, anti-aging herbal formula. It also contains 1 Billion non-dairy probiotic cultures organisms. Miracle Reds® is unique in a superfood drink, in that it is fortified with 0.67mg of plant sterols. Plant sterols have a beneficial influence on cholesterol by inhibiting cholesterol absorption



These products are available at our clinics in Central and Discovery Bay, or on our Online Dispensary