Practitioner Recommendations: Lifestyle

Our practitioners recommend the following products:

Jupiter Orion JP109 Water Ionizer

The Jupiter Orion Water Ionizer features an on board computer system and easy to read LED display which offers 8 different pH levels of water at the touch of a button. Different pH balances are good for different uses around the house, for example, alkaline water is ideal for cooking and drinking. Each Jupiter alkaline water machine is also fitted with a water purification system that purifies and distills water with or without changing the pH balance at the simple push of a button. The design is easy to clean both internally and externally and is guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Nasopure System Kit with 8 oz bottle

Studies show that nasal washing with a buffered hypertonic solution removes 80% of allergens, shrinks swollen membranes, improves ciliary movement (hair filters in the nose), augments healing, and reduces symptoms and medication use 1. At IMI our practitioners often recommend this product for these benefits. We recommend you consult with an IMI Naturopath in our clinics to understand all aspects that need support.


Electric Dust Mite Controller

The Dust Mite Controller is a non-toxic device, without the use of chemical substances. It is completely ecological and effectively reduces the number of dust mites and the allergens they produce. It helps reduce risk of asthma and also improves symptoms. It improves quality of life. Safe for humans and pets. The Dust Mite Controller simply plugs into a standard 220V socket and place it in an unobstructed position in the room. A blue inicator lights tells you that it is working. It emits a complicated range of ultrasonic waves covering up to 62.8 cubic metres. These sounds interfere with the feeding and reproductive cycles of the dust mite, immediately reducing the amount of allergens produced (faecal matter) and over a period cause the population of mites to decrease.



These products are available at our clinics in Central and Discovery Bay, or on our Online Dispensary