Practitioner Recommendations: Herbs

Our practitioners recommend the following products:

Sereni-Pro™ Herbal Adaptogen Formula

Sereni-Pro™ is a herbal adaptogenic formula. Adaptogens help us to adapt to environmental stresses1. It incorporates four of the most researched adaptogens, Ashwagandha, Siberian Ginseng, Rhodiola and Lavender, and is a comprehensive formula designed to promote mental and emotional well-being and to help the body cope with chronic stress.

Sereni-Pro™ is the ideal formula for those suffering from fatigue and some of the other effects of chronic, unremitting daily stress that may otherwise begin to affect sleep, moods and energy levels.


Sambucus Black Elderberry Original Syrup

Combines standardized, Bio-Certified black elderberry extract and natural raspberry flavor in a base of fructose, purified water, vegetable-source glycerin and citric acid. It is a great tasting natural remedy for children and adults. An Israeli virologist used this formulation to verify Elderberries effects regarding the influenza virus.


Curcumin Extract 750mg (with Bioperine®)

Turmeric may be nature’s best all round health food, the extract Curcumin gives support for enhancing joint, liver and brain longevity.

Curcumin Extract is a potent antioxidant, with a huge range of helpful functions that in total could be termed “cooling” in their overall effect. We have routinely seen good clinical effects with this product.



These products are available at our clinics in Central and Discovery Bay, or on our Online Dispensary