Carole Bradshaw - Director, Core Process Psychotherapist

BSc (Hons), PGDip (Psych), MA (Mindfulness Psychotherapy), Yoga (US Alliance) Carole Bradshaw

Carole Bradshaw joined IMI in 2010 as a shareholder, partner and key visionary, working with the team at IMI to create the new philosophy “Heal. Balance. Evolve” and expand the clinics in both Central and Discovery Bay, as well as re-develop IMI’s online presence and brand. She led IMI as the Managing Director for the past five years, until recently in October 2016. Her new leadership role is as IMI’s Brand and Concept Director, with a particular focus on developing talent within the organization as well as the wider strategic development of IMI’s overall potential.

She also practices as a Core Process Psychotherapist, from one of the original mindfulness based traditions, the Karuna Institute in the UK. This form of psychotherapy is extremely relational, with its roots in Buddhist psychology and Western psychotherapy. Prior to this Carole has over a decade of teaching experience in mindfulness and yoga. Before discovering the health and wellness professions, she held leadership roles in the corporate and public sectors and understands the challenges that people face in an increasingly demanding and pressured world.

Carole is also a mother, which has enriched and embodied her spiritual practices into the ordinary day-to-day living. Balancing this, with the pressures of being a business owner and leader in Hong Kong, Carole brings compassion and depth to her session work with clients.