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Your Mindful Brain Workshop: Mindfulness + Kinesiology = Quick Way to a Mindful Brain - 22 February 2017 (Central)

Hands on Stress - Your Mindful Brain Workshop: Mindfulness + Kinesiology = Quick Way to a Mindful Brain

Instructor: Elena Foucher, Mindfulness Coach and Kate Baldwin, Kinesiologist 

Date: Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Cost: $580 HKD

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Venue: IMI, 17/F Kailey Tower, No.16 Stanley St., Central, HK

Max Participants: 12 pax


Want a clearer mind but don't have time? This is the answer! 

This brand new combination of mindfulness & kinesiology quickly removes blocks for a clearer, more effective mind. 


You will come away with a calmer, clearer mind and a renewed outlook on life.

The ease and speed of the results will surprise you. 


We will guide you in simple mindfulness practices then check for blocks using kinesiology; softly pressing on your arm to test muscle response, and balance your brain using Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure points. Simple. Instant. Incredibly effective.  

Mindfulness is a meditation practice that focuses and de-stresses your mind, improves concentration, emotional intelligence and decision making. 

Kinesiology removes barriers to this practice, addresses unhelpful habitual thought-patterns and de-stresses your mind. 

This workshop will help you: 

- Calm & clear your mind
- Improve concentration & focus
- Increase emotional intelligence
- Improve decision making
- Encourage neuroplasticity
- Improve communication
- Avoid repetitive thought patterns - Regularly practice mindfulness 


What people are saying:

“Definitely do this! I couldn't believe how immediately calmer I felt. Three weeks later I’m still feeling the benefits even though things are really hectic right now.” - Kristine


Eléna Foucher, Mindfulness Coach 

Eléna has dedicated her life to asking big questions, and meditation has proven essential in that quest. Science major, computer engineer, business owner, teacher, healing and meditation coach, she believes that we're all unique and so are our journeys. 

Discovering meditation in Thailand 2005, she began a life study of how it is used by a vast array of philosophies, religions and healing modalities. Meditation is her foundation for deepening her awareness inside and out. 

In Chiang Mai she also studied over 400 hours of Traditional Thai Massage Therapy and courses in Usui Reiki (Level II), Chi Nei Tsang, Integrated CranioSacral Biodynamics (Level I), and certified as a Hatha Yoga teacher. 

She's offered meditative healing sessions since 2005 and began coaching meditation in her Chiang Mai healing center in 2010. She's coached mindfulness in Thailand, America and Hong Kong for engineers, architects, bankers, lawyers, government officials, mothers, teachers, healers and artists. Currently, she offers meditation courses, corporate trainings and private sessions.


Kate Baldwin, Kinesiologist 

Kate Baldwin is passionate about helping people live better, happier and more balanced lives. She uses Kinesiology to find and address the causes of health and emotional problems, assist with recovery and reduce the physiological impact of stress. She supports people in achieving life goals and reaching optimum health. 

A certified Neuro Energetic Kinesiologist (NK Institute, Australia) with over 500 hours of training, Kate also uses Applied Physiology (Krebs), coaching and counseling, acupressure, needle-less acupuncture and cranial release therapy. She qualified in holistic massage and Anatomy and Physiology (ITEC, CIBTAC – UK), first aid, Reiki II, reflexology, pregnancy massage and previously held a career in event management. 

Kate has experienced the immense benefits of mindfulness through regular meditation and Vipassana meditation retreats. She is fascinated with how the brain works and how mindfulness and kinesiology can work together to bring about positive change for people. 


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