Eléna Maria Foucher - Mindfulness Facilitator at IMI Hong Kong

Elena Maria Foucher

IMI Location: Central

Elé​​na has offered meditative healing sessions since 2005 and has coached meditation practice since 2010 in Thailand, U.S. and Hong Kong for engineers, architects, bankers, lawyers, government officials, mothers, healers, teachers and artists.

At IMI she offers mindfulness courses, private sessions and corporate trainings. Group courses are wonderful for discovering the breadth of mindfulness with the synergy and support of a group. Private sessions are perfect for delving deeply into the topics of your choice. Corporate trainings are good for helping you and you colleagues learn how to calm down at work, bringing relaxation and focus back to the workplace.

Elé​​na has dedicated her life to asking big questions, and meditation has proven essential in that quest. Science major, computer engineer, business owner, teacher, healing and meditation coach, Elena believes that we're all unique and so are our journeys.

Discovering meditation in 2005, she began a life study of how it is used by a vast array of philosophies, religions and healing modalities. Through meditation she discovered her ability to work with energy and hear the inner wisdom of others. Meditation has proven to be the foundational technique for all of her endeavors, deepening her awareness inside and out.

“My passion is to help people cultivate calm and create inner peace,” says Elé​​na, who makes mindfulness easy by offering effective, 2-minute practices that anyone can fit into his/her schedule with ease. She guides the journey to discovering what is necessary for good practice, dispelling the common myths and hurdles along the way that stymy beginners and advanced practitioners alike. “Because everyone is unique, I can tailor a practice to you, making it easy for you to gain your goal be it relaxation, concentration, clarity, emotional intelligence, self-knowledge, or universal connection.”

Before opening a healing center in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in 2010, Elena studied over 400 hours of Traditional Thai Massage Therapy in Thailand, including courses in Usui Reiki (Level II), Chi Nei Tsang, Integrated CranioSacral Biodynamics, and certified as a Hatha Yoga teacher. She also has extensive study in Vipassana Meditation, Sudaba (Spontaneous Movement), 5 Rhythms, Osho Dynamic Meditations & Continuum Movement, Traditional Taoist Energy Medicine & Traditional Thai Medicine, Human Design, Life Coaching & Western Analytic Psychology, Quantum Touch & E​motional ​Freedom ​T​echnique​, as well as Swedish Massage.



"I gained the ability to give myself some space when thinking and feeling. More empathy. Better understanding of my emotions and thoughts."

- Rhys, IT Manager, Australian

"Getting to know the concept of mindfulness. Various ways to feel present. The efficiency and encouraging us to track making it a systematic learning approach. The course is better than a book for the personal guidance and efficiency in a group."

- Carson, Financ​e,​ Hong Kong