How to Beat a Cold in Winter in Hong Kong?


Your best line of defence is your own immune system

We are all susceptible to colds but in Hong Kong where we are densely populated; combined with air pollution, stressful living, poor sleep patterns, rapid weather changes - the chances of catching a cold virus is even greater.

By keeping your immune system strong and healthy, you not only lessen your chances of catching a cold but also help reduce cold symptoms and shorten the illness.

To keep your immune system in tip-top condition you need to eat a well-balanced diet (plenty of fruits and vegetables), manage stress-levels, get adequate sleep, regular physical activity, and drink plenty of water.

But, it is probably fair to say that despite our best intentions, it is not always possible to meet all our nutritional needs through food alone; busy lifestyles often mean we fall short. This is when taking a good quality supplement can help.

Multivitamin - Essential vitamins such as, A, C, E, and minerals such as, zinc and iron supplementation will support your immune system.

Vitamin D - More than 60% of people in Hong Kong are Vitamin D deficient, and yet Vitamin D is crucial in fighting off a multiple of diseases and infections, including a cold. The main source of Vitamin D is UV radiation from the summer sun, but in the winter months it would be prudent to add a good quality Vitamin D supplement to your diet.

Probiotics - Research has shown that probiotics reduces the number of upper respiratory tract infections by 47%. Your gut is a major focal point to overall health, so eating foods rich in probiotic microorganisms will help keep your gut healthy and reduce the chances of getting sick. A good quality probiotic supplement can help replenish the good bacteria; particularly important during and after a course of antibiotics. Antibiotics not only destroy the bad organism but also destroy the friendly bacteria in our gut too, which in turns weakens your immunity.

At IMI Dispensary, you can find high quality clinic grade multivitamins, ultra-potency vitamin D, probiotics and other immune strengthening remedies available. You may also find it useful to consult with an IMI practitioner, to guide you through the many supplementations available. They can run tests, pinpoint any deficiencies and ensure you get the right supplement, in the right dosage, that is right for you. Contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.