Dr. Benita Perch (ND) - Naturopathic Physician, Homeopath at IMI Hong Kong

BSc (Hons) Nutrition (UK), Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (USA)

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IMI Locations: Central, Discovery Bay
Language: English

Naturopathic Physician / Homeopath Dr Benita Perch is a general family practitioner who treats all acute and chronic diseases with her own unique mix of homeopathy, herbal medicine and clinical nutrition. In Naturopathic medical school she received a strong foundation in conventional pathology, diagnostics and pharmacology together with extensive training in the natural medicine therapies. This allows her to blend centuries-old knowledge of natural therapies with current scientific advances in health and human systems. Her areas of expertise include but are not limited to: Anxiety,Depression & Stress-related conditions, Allergies, Asthma, Auto-immune & Rheumatic Diseases, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Digestive Disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's Disease & Ulcerative Colitis, Diabetes & Insulin Resistance, Eating disorders, Eczema, Fibromyalgia, Thyroid Disorders and Women's Health issues like Endometriosis, Fibroids, Hormonal Imbalance, Infertility Issues, Interstitial Cystitis, Menopause, PMS, Irregular and Painful Periods & Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

"My goal is to support you on your individual path back to health. You will experience a physician who truly listens to you and your concerns. Adhering to the principles of Naturopathic Medicine, my aim is to identify and treat the root cause of disease – correcting imbalances within the client's body and restoring health."

Dr Perch is one of the few licensed North American trained Naturopathic Physicians practicing in Hong Kong and the only one to have completed a residency. She received her Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Nutrition from Kings College London (UK). She obtained her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (U.S.) and graduated with the highest honours. After graduating she completed a residency in general family medicine with a focus in homeopathy, botanical medicine and nutrition. Dr Perch has also been trained under world-renowned experts in Homeopathy like Dr Stephen Messer and Dr Andre Saine. Her life personally has been changed by Naturopathic Medicine and homeopathy enabling her to stop taking long term medication for asthma and recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Dr. Perch is licensed as a Naturopathic Physician in Arizona, U.S. and is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. In South Africa she is registered with the Allied Health Professions Council as a Naturopath.

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, she returned home after completing her residency. She was a full-time Associate Lecturer in the School of Natural Medicine at the University of the Western Cape, while building up a successful private practice at the Cape Health Centre. Dr Perch relocated to Hong Kong with her husband and is enjoying the diverse city. She is successfully bringing her own flavour of Natural Medicine to Hong Kong and IMI. She is passionate about the health and well-being of her clients, the planet and Naturopathic Medicine.




"Benita is an excellent naturopath. She has helped not only myself with the thyroid problems I was having but also has helped my young daughter recover her health and improve her condition with asthma. I cannot recommend Benita enough to anyone who is trying to put their health on the right path."

- M.W.


"I found Benita at probably one of the lowest points of health and fighting so called specialists views, that I had viral induced asthma, which I just didn't believe.

She not only found the real cause of my chest issues - mycoplasma pneumonia - but the level of care attention she gave me was second to none. Since then she and I have taken my health to levels beyond ordinary and I am healthier, happier and more balanced than I have ever felt in my life. I have recommended her care to countless friends, all of whom have found her to be a wonderful support, who tirelessly works to get to the origin of issues to heal and support. Benita is one of those special people in life and I am truly grateful to have her as my ND."

- Rebecca, Hong Kong


"Dr. Benita Perch saved me from a life of unnecessary supplements. After years of not quite understanding why I kept getting ill even though I spent a fortune on vitamins, she suggested I have my genes tested. Dr. Perch recognized that I was unable to absorb vitamin B. Since then, I have discovered that my mother as well as my 3 sisters have poor B absorption hence our recurring health issues.

Dr. Perch put me on a regime that assisted with my absorption of Folate and DNA Methylation. I am feeling 100% better. Over the years that Dr. Perch was my doctor in Hong Kong, she was a sympathetic yet logical health care practitioner who took the time to investigate my problems with intelligent kindness. Whether it was naturopathic supplements or herbal tinctures, she created the right combination for my health. She has since offered to give me advice even though I now live in Taiwan. I only wish she could move her practice here."

- Peggy, Taiwan


"I was diagnosed with moderate ulceractiv colitis three years ago (in my 30s) and I had just relocated to Hong Kong. I was recommended to IMI by a friend and I contacted Dr Perch after reading the testimonials.

After one year of treatment with Dr Perch, I was almost totally cured—my symptoms were barely present. When I did the regular check up (colonoscopy), the doctor told me that my colon was clean and there were no ulcers. I was amazed by this improvement, given that there is no medical cure for this disease (at least not yet!).

Thanks to Dr Perch's advice on diets and remedies, I was able to improve my health and guts! She is always available for you, wherever you are. When I am traveling and I have a flare up, I can reach out to her by email and discuss how to manage the situation. I keep her up to date everyday when it is really critical. I can truly say that she has been by my side whenever I have a flare up and to have that support makes such a difference. I also appreciate that I can openly discuss with her about my check ups with the gastro specialist and I feel that both works well. It gives a good balance and focus when I have to deal with the flare ups. Dr Perch is very patient and always happy to answer any questions or concerns that I may have, even if it is not related to my UC. Thank you!"

- S.J, Hong Kong


"I began seeing Benita in Hong Kong for a range of minor health concerns and immediately felt at ease under her care. Benita is a fantastic listener and a very intuitive doctor who always endeavours to gain the full picture of a patient's health before deciding how to proceed. She also was very proactive in checking up on my health after consultations. Now that I have moved back to Australia, I only hope I can find a doctor as amazing as Benita!"

- Tanya Balka, Melbourne, Australia


"I feel very lucky that my friend told me about Dr. Perch when I was sharing the worries I had with the baby eczema situation of my girl, Kasley.  Without using any antibiotics and topical cream like how most pediatricians do, Dr. Perch treated my baby’s eczema problem very effectively using homeopathy. It was my first encounter with homeopathy, and I had a very pleased experience. If one does not have any previous experience with homeopathy, then, like I did, one just have to take the first step and give it a try. Dr. Perch’s kindness and attentiveness to her patients’ concerns and needs make me willing to keep trying homeopathy on my baby even when the remedy we first used did not work out. Dr. Perch is a great listener—patient and understanding.  She never rushes up and gives me all the time I need in her clinic. She makes me feel very comfortable to tell her all my concerns and ask her all the “stupid questions” I have.

Now, with the very positive experience I have had, I am returning to Dr. Perch for my nose allergy.  I had always thought that allergy is non curable, but Dr. Perch told me otherwise. And since it is Dr. Perch, I am happy to give it a try again."


「正當我憂慮我9個月大女兒Kasley的濕疹的情況,我感到很幸運因為朋友介紹了Dr. Perch給我。Dr. Perch沒有像大多數兒科醫生使用抗生素和類固醇,而是使用了順勢療法治療我女兒的濕疹問題,效果很好。 這是我第一次接觸順勢療法,我有一個十分滿意的經歷。如果你沒有接觸過順勢療法,那麼,像我一樣,你可以踏出第一步,嘗試這療法。在我女兒的案例,雖然第一次的藥劑沒有發揮出作用,但Dr. Perch對病人的友善和關注,讓我願意繼續嘗試下去。Dr. Perch是一個很好的聆聽者,有耐心及善解人意。在疹所中, 她總是細心地了解我女兒的生活起居習慣。即使我有很多聽來愚蠢的問題,她亦讓我感到很自在地發問。

現在,因為Dr. Perch醫好我的女兒,我再去找她醫治我的鼻敏感。我一直以為鼻敏感是不可治愈的,但Dr. Perch告訴我這是可以治愈的。亦因為是Dr. Perch的原故,我很樂意嘗試。」

- Sandy Wong, Hong Kong


"Almost 2 years ago, our 6 year old daughter developed symptoms that were ultimately diagnosed as moderately severe Ulcerative Colitis. This is an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) which causes ulceration and bleeding in the large colon.

For the first 10 months or so, we followed our conventional medical team's treatment plan to the letter, with our daughter on a number of very strong medications and large doses of conventional meds to stop the bleeding and hold the ulcerations in check. As a result, her weight ballooned dramatically while suffering very severe growth impediment due to growth hormone having been shut down by the steroids. By now she had just reached the tender age of seven and she was experiencing numerous physical and psychological issues that severely threatened her quality of life.

After nine months, she had suffered at least five recurrent flares, despite all the conventional medication she was taking. We were then referred to another specialist paediatric gastroenterologist for further opinion. Our daughter had by then been assessed as conventional meds dependent and the opinion given by this specialist concluded that we had run out of medical options and that we should seriously consider surgery (Colectomy) in the coming months.

Fortunately, other specialists we consulted were of the view we still had a little more time available before such a radical procedure would be required. So we made the decision to try alternative therapies, while maintaining the conventional treatment regimen, as best we could. Our search for a viable treatment, ultimately led us to Dr Benita Perch here in Hong Kong.

We have now been working very closely with Dr Perch for just over 10 months. During that time, she has prescribed a combination of Naturopathic and Homeopathic treatments that have seen a very significant improvement in our daughter's condition. After six months of very strict diet (based in part on the GAPS and SCD diets) and supported by a range of natural supplements, high dose probiotics, and homeopathic treatments; she has been able to discontinue the conventional meds which had been so damaging to her growth. This was a major achievement given her previous status as conventional meds dependent and the aggressiveness of the disease prior to adopting Dr Perch's treatment plan.

Dr Perch has been an amazing practitioner to work with, giving very generously of her time and knowledge in finding a path forward. It is no exaggeration to say that she has been by our side almost daily since and has provided care and advice through every step of this difficult journey. She is highly focussed and compassionate and prepared to do "whatever it takes" to make a difference for our daughter. Our family will forever owe her a debt of gratitude for all that she has done to aid the healing process for our little girl.

There is no doubt that we have a very long way to go with this disease. Nonetheless, the improvements we have seen under Dr Perch's management have been truly remarkable and have given us hope that our daughter will be able to live a long and happy life, despite the challenges her illness presents."

- Mom and Dad, Hong Kong


"My daughter's eczema first started at 4months as only a few patches. By the time she was 1y.o., we had to keep her wrapped head to toe to prevent her from tearing at her own skin. We saw highly recommended specialists, some of which were able to clear her skin with strong steroids and antibiotics but never for more than a few days. While it was only my daughter who had the eczema, it took a heavy toll, physically and emotionally, on our whole family.

We found Dr. Perch in our search for a more natural treatment. We immediately liked her bedside manners, her patience and willingness to listen. Unlike other doctors we had seen, Dr. Perch went beyond simply looking at the red patches on our daughter and tried to fully understand her history and current situation. Being new to homeopathy, we were at first very skeptical that the prescribed little pills could work where steroids and other drugs had failed.

After seeing Dr. Perch for 6 months, our daughter has made dramatic improvements. Her skin is clear and her eyes no longer swollen from inflammation. Not only does she look healthy, she is now cheerful, energetic and able to enjoy all the fun activities of a normal childhood.

Thank you Dr. Perch for your constant care and patience. You have made a huge difference to our family."

- B.K., Hong Kong


"I was suffering from stomach pains and breathing difficulties. Dr. Perch started treatment with an extensive questionnaire. I also underwent testing for food intolerance. I was impressed with the thoroughness of her approach. She combined several liquid herbal extracts into a custom-designed solution, which I took several times a day. Later she added an immune booster and a powder for gastrointestinal lining support. She also changed my diet to eliminate dairy and wheat products. It took some time, but I gradually began to feel better... I am now 72 and enjoy better health than I did 10 years ago. I feel I owe a big thank you to Dr. Perch. "

— Roberta Sandenbergh, New York, NY


"I stepped onto my yellow brick road to a healthier way of life, when I made a choice to change my doctor. Eight months ago I was in despair as to my state of health. I was always tired, couldn't sleep well at night and gaining weight. The amount of money spent on my supplements was increasing, as I was taking more tablets to get through the day. After my history was noted and blood tests were done, my chronic medication was adjusted and my recovery to a healthy, more energetic state began. It is amazing that a simple mineral lacking in the body (homeopathic remedy) can cause so many unwanted symptoms. Today I sleep well, spend less on supplements and have increased energy, thanks to my visits to Dr B. Perch."

— Maryann Woodman, Cape Town, SA


"My 15 year old son, Callan developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was diagnosed about a year ago. I took him from one doctor to another seeing a wide variety of allopathic, homeopathic, specialists, acupuncturists, etc. No one really made any difference and Callan's energy levels continued to decline. Then my Mom told me about Dr Perch whom she had heard talking on the radio about how she (Dr Perch) had cured herself of CFS. We went along to see her and followed her advice of taking a specific homeopathic remedy, some new supplements, following a strict diet and seeing various therapists. One year later and he almost fully recovered! He is back at school again and successfully manages a demanding teenage schedule. Some people take years to recover from CFS and some never do! I am very grateful to Dr Perch for the compassionate way that she has helped to get Callan to regain his health again. I would highly recommend Dr Perch with her lovely relaxed manner and her understanding of her client's needs. Best wishes for your move to Hong Kong, Dr Perch and thank you for helping my boy to recover from this unusual illness. We will miss you."

— Heather Glass


"I first started seeing Dr. Perch more than a year ago for an acute health condition, which she treated very effectively using Homeopathy. Being very pleased with the outcome, I soon returned to her care for a more extensive work-up to address other- and more chronic- health problems, including some mental-emotional distress (mainly anxiety & depression), fatigue and recurrent skin infections. Prior to seeing Dr. Perch, my health was a bit on the roller-coaster side and even unpredictable at times; it was frustrating, to say the least. Now that I've been a client of hers for some time, I can look back and see all the amazing progress we've been able to make in improving my health using naturopathic medicine, including homeopathy. Today I am a much happier and more productive person than I ever thought possible thanks to Dr. Perch. Seeking her care has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. "

— Jason R, Arizona, USA