"I have been suffering from eczema for past 7 years and I was told by Traditional Skin Specialist my condition was hopeless. Graeme Bradshaw helped and inspired me on the journey to get well. Today I am a healthy person and eczema free, this mean so much to me that I can live without limitation.

My wife Tracey is a patient of Dr Ardyce Yik. She saw Ardyce throughout her pregnancy to receive care and advice. Our little one is now seven months, he is a strong and handsome baby boy weighted 22 pounds!!"

— Paul and Tracey Yiu


"I brought my son, who had eczema, to Dr Yik because my husband and I wanted a doctor to address the root causes of his skin condition, not give him a corticosteroid cream to suppress it.... [Dr Yik] put my son on a nutritious hypoallergenic diet and gave him nutraceuticals to ensure that all the building blocks for health (and healthy skin!) were in place. My son's skin condition dramatically improved within several weeks. During my pregnancy, I also consulted Dr Yik for safe, natural alternatives to cold and flu medications. She is a knowledgeable and compassionate naturopathic doctor who will meet the needs of you and your family. I highly recommend her."

— Clara Shing, mother of 3


"My 15-year-old son Callan developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was diagnosed about a year ago. I took him from one doctor to another... no one really made any difference while Callan's energy levels continued to decline. Then my mom told me about Dr Perch, whom she had heard talking on the radio about how she had cured herself of CFS. We went along to see her... one year later he almost fully recovered! He is back at school again and successfully manages a demanding teenage schedule. I am very grateful to Dr Perch for the compassionate way that she has helped to get Callan to regain his health again."

— Heather Glass


"Jackie inspires immediate confidence — she has a simultaneous strength and gentleness, both in her being and in her hands. She seems to have an instinctive sense during a treatment of which crystal to use and where to place it, in order to help the body towards re-balancing itself and to give the whole person a greater feeling of peace. Jackie is thorough and professional, and at the same time treats the individual client with respect and shows concern for their well-being. I have been to Jackie several times for crystal healing, and have no hesitation whatsoever in encouraging others to do the same. In fact, I am really looking forward to my next session with her!"

— Rachel from Chinese University


"I began seeing Nathalie after a series of surgeries to correct some issues I had due to rheumatoid arthritis. I saw her weekly during the most intense rehabilitation stage, while also seeing a physiotherapist. After physiotherapy ended, I continued to see Nathalie as needed. I was able to regain much of my mobility and activity whilst significantly reducing pain, largely as a result of the visits with Nathalie. I credit her skill and training for helping me get my life back. She is knowledgeable, gentle, and compassionate. Mostly, she's effective!"

— Anita Roberts, client in Macau, now in the U.S.


"I was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of years ago and had surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I also received herceptin.... I was advised... to consult Tej. [He] is one of the most conscientious, knowledgeable, and committed medical professionals I have consulted. What has most impressed me is that every time I have questioned him about a new cancer initiative, he has heard of it, or if not, researches the matter to then give me advice. Without exception, not one of my 'cancer' doctors had any interest / knowledge about any other approaches to cancer. The second very important fact is that Tej has tailored my treatment to my individual requirements; one strategy most certainly does not fit all clients.

I now live in the U.K., but am fortunate that Tej will be able to continue my care by telephone consultation. It's a two-way relationship as I keep Tej informed of my progress and any useful facts I hear related to cancer success stories.

A diagnosis of cancer is devastating for anyone and any positive information is gratefully received."

— Julie R., nurse