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IMI (Integrated Medicine Institute) is a trusted natural and integrated medicine clinic, with a natural medicine and herbal dispensary that carries some of the world’s best quality, clinical-grade supplements and health products. Established for over twenty years, we have a long history in the complex and rapidly expanding field of natural medicine.

Over the years IMI’s practitioners have supported thousands of people back to health, and through this understand the complexity to achieve optimal health and total wellbeing in mind, body, emotions, and spirit. In light of this, in 2011 we revised our philosophy to create "Heal. Balance. Evolve." with the intention to take the vision of integrative medicine to the next level and to empower our clients to achieve optimal healing.

To meet this new vision, the scope of our services expanded significantly. Now IMI has over 25 medical and natural health practitioners to facilitate an integrative approach. Our diverse team includes licensed naturopathic physicians, homeopaths, medical doctors, clinical nutritionists, Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, Chinese and Japanese acupuncturists, osteopaths, chiropractic doctors, psychologists, counsellors and a range of practitioners offering natural and holistic therapies.

We also recognize that in this rapidly growing field of natural medicine, many modalities are not very well regulated and qualifications and training of practitioners may vary considerably. At IMI, we take great care to select authentic doctors and qualified practitioners, many of whom have years of experience in their chosen fields. We are committed to continuously improve and uphold the standards of practice in integrative and natural medicine. Whatever our expertise, we all share a belief in natural health and the innate healing power of our clients.

We support the whole family, from new-borns and babies, growing children and teens, to adult men and women to stay healthy and achieve optimal well-being during the various phases of their lives.

IMI Partnership - Owners and Directors:

IMI is now a private shareholding company. This intention of having internal practitioners, rather than external investors is to develop IMI as a “partnership” and uphold the integrity healing at the core of business decisions. There are four directors and partners:

Graeme Bradshaw, is IMI’s Founding Director. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors, and continues to support IMI’s development through technical research and development and continuing to raise standards of clinical excellence. Graeme is also passionate about education and plays a major role in training and mentorship, as he continues his practice as a senior Naturopathic Practitioner.

Carole Bradshaw joined IMI in 2010 as a shareholder, partner and key visionary, working with the team at IMI to create the new integrative healing philosophy “Heal. Balance. Evolve” and expand the clinics in both Central and Discovery Bay. Carole also re-developed IMI’s online presence and brand. She led IMI as the Managing Director for the past five years, until recently in October 2016. Her new leadership role is as IMI’s Brand and Concept Director, with a particular focus on developing talent within the organization as well as the wider strategic development of IMI’s overall potential.

Carole also practices as a Core Process Psychotherapist, and prior to this has over a decade of teaching experience in mindfulness and yoga. She continues to integrate mindfulness into the business practices at IMI.

Dr. Benita Perch (ND) joined IMI in 2012 and quickly grew her practice as a well-respected naturopathic physician and classical homeopath, bringing solid experience of integrative practice from the United States. In 2014, Dr Perch became a shareholder and director. She was recently appointed as Managing Director and brings with her a wealth of clinical knowledge of integrative practice to infuse into the organisation’s operations and vision. She will also play a key role in mentoring and continue to practice as a senior naturopathic physician and homeopath.

Tej BG joined IMI in 2005 and is a long-standing and experienced naturopath and medical herbalist trained in Australia. In 2015, he became a shareholder and non-executive director of IMI, supporting IMI’s development, ethics and planning with the other Directors. He also continues to practice as a senior naturopath, medical herbalist and clinical nutritionist in IMI.

Together the shareholder and director team, who are all practicing practitioners work to lead and guide IMI towards it’s full potential, holding the integrity of healing at the heart of their vision.

Many other IMI practitioners have also played a key role to the “IMI partnership” contributing to the vision, concept and development of IMI in the wider sense, beyond their own personal practice.

IMI, although based in the very transient city of Hong Kong has enjoyed a loyal staff team, and are grateful to staff both past and present who have contributed to IMI’s vision and practice on a daily basis. This sense of community, and having IMI be a genuine resource within Hong Kong, is something which IMI holds the intention to continue to foster.


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