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Himalayan Crystal Healing

The healing and spiritual power in crystals and other stones have been long recognised, since the ancient times. 

Crystal healing is a gentle and soothing therapy that employs crystals and gemstones as conduits for natural healing energy. The stones channel positive energy and work holistically to harmonize the mind, body and emotions, in order to improve your wellbeing.

During a healing session, various stones or crystals are placed on your chakras points, or around your body, to construct an “energy grid”. The technique is based on guidance and learning from internationally renowned crystal master Katrina Raphaell (Katrina Crystal Academy), who has developed these grids so they consistently create a gentle yet powerful healing energy.

The Crystal Healing sessions provide a deep process of emotional discovery, allowing you to understand and pinpoint the underlying events and emotions that directly impact your overall health and wellness. During the session our practitioner will also assist you by identifying your personal stone which you can carry daily and be a part of your everyday life to increase your overall feeling of well-being.

Each individual experiences the effect of Himalayan Crystal Healing in a different way. Some may feel heat or a tingly sensation. Some may have visions while in this relaxed state. Some may cry after the session because of the emotional release that occurs, while others may relax into sleep. In the days that follow a session, you may experience a feeling of physical or emotional detoxification this is your body healing itself.

Crystal healing can help us address the modern day challenges around headaches, difficulty in sleeping, anxiety, lack of energy and other states as to restore balance to our stressful lives.