Dr. Christine Mok-Lammé (Ph.D.) - Clinical Psychologist at IMI Hong Kong

Dr Chrisitine Mok-Lemme

Licensed Clinical Psychologist (CO, USA), Member of Hong Kong Psychological Society


IMI Locations: Central
Language: English, Cantonese

Dr. Christine Mok-Lammé (Ph.D.) is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Colorado, U.S.A., and a member of Hong Kong Psychological Society and American Psychological Association. She has experiences working with different age groups with a wide range of presentations. Currently she focuses on working with adults facing challenges of:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic illness
  • Cross cultural relationships
  • Cultural issues
  • Depression
  • Employment-related problems
  • Grief/Loss
  • Identity issues
  • Life adjustment
  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Stress
  • Trauma and Abuse

“My hope and intention is to provide a safe place for you to explore various issues that arise in your life journey,” explains Dr. Mok-Lammé. “These issues can range from life adjustment challenges to serious mental illness.”

“If you are considering seeking professional support, safety starts from knowing that you are the one to decide what you want to focus on in psychotherapy.”

Dr. Mok-Lammé’s primary orientation in psychotherapy is contemporary psychodynamic theory. “I believe that contemporary psychodynamic theory, especially object relations theory, offers me the depth of understanding a person's psychology. Specifically, it provides me ways to understand how primary relationships impact a person's development. It also provides me with tools to help others explore the underlying factors of problems manifested in their lives.”

Additionally, Dr. Mok-Lammé utilizes a variety of treatment approaches to meet the unique needs of each individual. Often time, individuals come to therapy in search of relief from difficult emotions and/or symptoms from mental health disorders. Techniques from various approaches can be very effective and helpful. These approaches include, but are not limited to, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, narrative therapy, mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and trauma informed care.

Dr. Mok-Lammé is cross-culturally married and raised two boys. She resides in Western Colorado but spends 3 months a year in Hong Kong. She provides psychotherapy in person while she and the client are in the same location. She offers continuity of care through video-conferencing if clients choose to utilize this platform of psychotherapy.

Dr. Mok-Lammé adheres to the straight professional and ethical codes of Hong Kong Psychological Society and American Psychological Association.



Licensed Clinical Psychologist (CO, USA), Member of Hong Kong Psychological Society

IMI診症地點: 中環
語言: 英文、 廣東話

莫家寶博士是美國註冊的臨床心理學家,也是香港心理學會和美國心理學會(American Psychological Association)的成員。


  • 焦慮
  • 長期病患
  • 跨文化關係
  • 文化障礙
  • 抑鬱症
  • 有關就業的問題
  • 悲傷/喪慟
  • 身份認同問題
  • 生活/社會適應問題
  • 育兒知識
  • 人際關係問題
  • 生活壓力
  • 心理創傷或虐待

「無論你正面對的是生活上的適應問題,或是較嚴重的精神症狀,我希望能為你提供一個安全的環境去探索生命中遇到的挑戰。」莫博士說。 「若你正打算尋求專業協助,請知道決定在治療中關注的重點的那個人是你。知道你有這個決定權力是建立安全感的基礎。」

莫博士的治療方向建基於當代心理動力學理論(Contemporary Psychodynamic Theory)。她相信該理論,特別是客體關係理論(Object Relations Theory),使她能深入了解一個人的心理,及主要關係如何影響人的長遠發展,並能幫助他人探索生活中所面對各種問題的潛在因素。


跨文化婚姻的莫博士育有兩子。 她居於美國西科羅拉多州 ,但每年會在香港3個月,當她在香港時,她會親自面見客戶。其餘時間她亦能以視訊形式提供心理治療服務。