As well as being a health clinic offering a range of services, practitioners and supplements, IMI also aims to educate and raise awareness to create better well-being in our communities, as well as in ourselves. By donation, participation and raising awareness we aim to support other organizations and charities who share our vision of enriching other people's lives and society. We believe we need to give back to other people who may be vulnerable, so they may overcome suffering and move towards greater health.

We have selected a few of the many worthwhile organisations to support and highlight here, so that you can have the opportunity to simply learn more or contribute in some way that is appropriate for you.

Save the Children

An international organization promoting children's rights and provides relief and support for children in developing countries. It was founded in 1919 by two sisters in London who were trying to fight the starvation of the children who were on the losing side of the First World War. After the war ended blockades stopped access to food leaving children starving. Since then the charity has been raising money to provide relief to children suffering the effects of war. It has since grown to campaign for children's rights.


Viva is inspiring lasting change in children’s lives through the power of collective action because Viva has a vision to see children safe, well and fulfilling their potential. Viva believes that a network of churches and community organisations, locally focused and united in purpose, is the best possible vehicle for bringing lasting change for children. Today Viva works in 21 different countries, supporting thousands of projects working with children at risk in 35 city-wide networks. Through its partnerships with these organisations, ranging from large international charities to tiny grassroots initiatives, Viva is currently working in the lives of 987,000 children across the globe. In Asia Viva works with partner networks in the Philippines, Cambodia, Nepal and India

The fee for the Monday Mindfulness practice group held at IMI Central every week is a voluntary donation. The collections all goes to the organization and we are currently exploring other ways to offer support.


An international organization promoting children's rights and lifting millions of children out of poverty in developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas. It was founded in 1937 by a British journalist and refugee worker aiming to provide food, accommodation and education to children whose lives had been disrupted by the Spanish Civil War. The idea was create a personal relationship between a child and a sponsor - a model that puts the child at the centre, and remains the core of what they still do today. By encouraging this adoption of a child, you can also enjoy a unique cultural exchange by writing and receiving letters from your sponsored child. Plan also encourages sponsors to send messages, photos and postcards, and even to visit, if they are able. Amongst other causes, they are supporting the serious situation of under-age forced child marriages in Bangladesh.

Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children (HKSPC)

A Hong Kong based organization that provides residential homes for children who are orphaned or cannot be adequately taken care of by their families and day care by trained staff for the children of working mothers. When Hong Kong was still a poor underdeveloped township, a solicitor and senior government official founded HKSPC in 1926 to deal with the extreme poverty. Mothers brought their babies to be fed, bathed and weighed, and to receive free milk powder and orange juice, and general advice on health care. It now provides parenting education and centres aiming to enhance, strengthen and stabilize family life, for both local and ethnic minority children aged 16 or below.

If there are any charities that you would like to nominate for IMI to support, please write us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.