IMI Naturopathic Detox


Cleanse, attune and prepare your body and mind with our 10-Day Detoxification program!

Group programs are offered regularly in IMI Central between March and November. Individual program is available in Central and Discovery Bay throughout the year by private appointments. Please call 2523 7121 (Central) or 2537 1087 (Discovery Bay).

Are you toxic?

Unfortunately the answer for most of us is probably yes. Toxicity from environmental pollutants is a real challenge to your health. Air pollutants contribute to our body’s total toxic load. Add to that, poor diet, chlorinated water, chemicals in household products, dust and mould. As a result, it is estimated that over 300 poisons are stored in our tissues and organs.

Although our body is masterfully designed to self-regulate and eliminate toxins, prolonged toxic exposure, combined with a stressful lifestyle burden the body and compromise its normal functioning.

Signs of toxicity include:

  • skin complaints
  • digestive problems
  • headaches
  • joint and muscle pain
  • weakened immunity
  • lowered energy levels
  • weight gain

To safely and effectively remove these toxins, typical fasts or juice cleansing will not work. Your liver needs certain nutrients and support to properly detoxify the poisons released from the body fat, tissues and organs.

This detox program is designed by IMI Founding Director Graeme Bradshaw, who has over 25 years of experience in detoxification and truly understands how the liver and metabolism need to be cared for. It is supervised by Graeme and Naturopath Tej BG.

How you may benefit from a proper comprehensive detoxification program:

  • Support detoxification pathways
  • Support digestive and liver function
  • Optimize immune system
  • Optimize energy levels
  • Optimize mental functioning
  • Alleviate sensitivities and food intolerance
  • Alleviate unhealthy food cravings
  • Lose excess weight
  • Prepare for conception
  • Feel and maintain optimal health
  • Evolve and jumpstart a healthier lifestyle!

Are you overloaded with toxins?

Take this self assessment Metabolic Assessment Questionnaire (MAQ) to see how toxic you might be.

Who should join this program?

  • Anyone who wants to do a comprehensive detox but remains busy
  • Anyone who wants to do a detox program with a small investment and support - guidance from naturopaths who specialized in detox
  • Anyone who wants to do a genuine and effective detox that does not leave them feeling sick and hungry

We understand the challenges of doing a detox living in Hong Kong. This 10-Day Guided Detox is designed with busy people like you in mind.

"I never thought I could stick to the programme for TEN WHOLE DAYS but the time flew by and I did not feel hungry at all and did not suffer too many cravings or reactions. Even the liver flush was less scary than I imagined!. I have got more out of the programme than I expected to. And doing it together with my husband has also made it easier. Overall it's a very positive experience."

— Julie Wicks, past participant

Come to our introductory free talk to find out what a genuine detox is and one that is effective in the post-industrial age that we live in.

Learn why traditional fasting or other detox methods that do not integrate age-old wisdom with latest science may leave you sicker than when you started.



The Core Program in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: During your first consultation, we will give detailed instructions on what to do and what to eat on each day of the program. You will receive your detox folder filled with all the information you need to know about your detox, and get all the natural supplements, herbal medicines, homeopathics and meal replacements ("medical super foods") you need during the detoxification process. Your important Herbal and Homeopathic remedies will be individualized as needed.

Step 2: DO IT YOURSELF at home. Use our professional support and the complimentary consultation to facilitate your detox process.

Step 3: Come to a closing session to learn important tips to keep up the good results of your detox, learn more about nutrition, lifestyle, and to explore areas in your life that can use "detox". End the program inspired and motivated. Use the complimentary consultation to discuss about other personal health matters or extending your detox.

Optional Steps: Colonic Irrigation and Far Infra-Red Sauna at specials available to program participants.



"Will I feel hungry? Can I conduct my normal life?"

Compared to traditional detox programs, this program is gentle in terms of dietary restrictions. To activate the body's natural detox mechanism, be prepared to a temporary suspension of some of the foods you are used to. Foods that promote detox will be emphasized in this 10-Day period. Participants generally do not feel hungry. You will be well nourished and supplied with nutrients needed for detox. You are not required to eat everything "raw" either - which may not suit all kinds of body constitution. (We suggest you listen to your body and we can guide you to choose how much food you should take)

There are four main phases to the program: Pre-Cleanse, Initial Cleansing Stage, Rapid Detox Stage and Re-orientation.

The "Pre-Cleanse" starts on the Sunday (or you may choose to start Saturday) to allow you to ease into the program. If your MAQ score is high, you may also start eating a cleansing diet before that to prepare yourself.

During the first week (Day 1 to 4), you can almost eat as much as you want except that you are advised against eating junk foods, red meat, diary, refined carbohydrates.

On Friday night you will do the liver flush. (Some may do it Thursday or Saturday depending how they fit it into their schedule). At your orientation we will explain more on this. Be prepared to get home at 7pm that night for best results. The next morning you will need to take it easy and be near the toilet. Don't schedule any appointment the morning after the liver flush.

The 2 intense detox days which fall on the weekend of the liver flush. Most detox reactions/healing "crisis" (if any) are experienced during this time (Day 6 to 7). Some of you may need to feel a little worse before you feel better and it's a positive sign. Slowly you will ease out of the program again by including more everyday foods into your diet in the last 3 days of the program (Mon morning through to Wed).

Many participants have found that their taste changed for the good and their old cravings disappeared after the detox. They may find that they do not need to eat as much and feel more satisfied.

This program is designed to be practical for people to do while conducting their normal life. We would however suggest you slow down the pace of your life during this process, especially during the liver flush weekend for best results and a more enjoyable experience.

And do use the support structure, which are an integral part of the program, designed to support you and let you have the best results in the program and beyond.


"Will I lose weight?"

Most participants have lost weight, ranging from 1 to 12 lbs. (About half to 6 kgs) This is natural as fat is being burned during detox. However, if you do not need to lose weight, you will lose very little (few grams to 2 lbs) and will gain back as body re-adjusts itself. It is easy for participants to keep weight off as the body rebalances the processes involved in healthy weight maintenance and they will find that they don't have the same food cravings or eat as much than before. And they are motivated to start and make other lifestyle changes which support the body to maintain its optimal weight.


"But I don't need to lose weight..."

Weight loss does not equal detox and vice versa. But we know that a lot of our toxins are stored in the fat tissues. Even a slim person store toxins in their fat tissues, and their fat is located near the internal organs and thus "invisible". If you are not overweight and do not need to lose weight, you will not lose much visible weight in this program. We will also advise you on how to personalize your program so that you will manage your weight in the program.


"Can I do it in my own timing?"

If you can, come to the orientation and last session. If not, you can still join the group, but you just need to start and finish the program in slightly different times. We will show you how to modify your program.

If you cannot come to the group sessions at all and would like to do it in your own timing, there is a Private Version of the program available. Please call us at 2523 7121 (Central) or 2537 1087 (Discovery Bay) to learn more.



  • Support and guidance throughout the program
  • A 30 mins one-on-one consultation with Tej BG / Graeme Bradshaw
  • Learn how to keep the good results after the program (with nutrition, lifestyle and environmental discussions)
  • Have the flexibility to continue the detox for longer according to your needs with our guidance


Program Cost

Private Program Cost: $4,350.

If you are registering into the program, please also download MAQ and Intake Form. Please fill these and bring with you at the first consultation.



"Since participating in the 10-Day Detox for Busy People program I feel lighter, healthier, have more energy and have been able to control my usual unhealthy cravings and eating habits, as well as loosing weight. It's a great challenge for the body and mind and one that has truly affected me for the better in so many ways. Tej has a wealth of knowledge and his encouragement guided me through what could have potentially been a difficult experience. Instead it was one that I cherish and will certainly do again. If you are even slightly considering doing the 10-day detox I would say don't delay, it will be one of the best things you ever did. Really life changing..."

— Sarah Rippete, Mother

"I felt great whilst doing the 10-Day Detox for Busy People and after it as well. I had more energy afterwards and it got me back on track to start eating a lot healthier. My respiratory and coughing problems improved and I also lost a few kilos. The hardest part of the detox was drinking the olive oil for the liver flush, but I managed to do it. I thought that not eating any protein with lunch would make me hungry, but I wasn't at all. The pH formula was easy to drink and filling. Doing the detox as part of a group helped motivate me to stick to it as I knew I wasn't alone. Tej was a great support, he was available to phone or email if any problems occurred at any time and we also received a personal one-hour session with him. Doing this detox program through IMI and having the support structure in place gave me confidence in knowing that I was detoxing in a safe way."

— Rachel Buckley, Teacher

"It's a great experience! I do feel clean and light after the program with Tej, and the supplements did work really well on my body to maintain the strength and health throughout the 10 days."

— Philip Yeung, Yoga Teacher

"It's made me more aware of the effects of what I consume and how it impacts on my health and emotions. I would say that every person who has lived for 30 plus years in an urban environment like me should detox periodically with Tej. Even if you don't have any particular ailments chronic or otherwise, your body, mind and emotions will appreciate it and you can feel the results."

— Edith Wei

"This was my first time doing a detox. I had high expectations, lots of questions and some doubt. I felt the 10-day program was well-designed, easy-to-follow, and results oriented. The program met my expectations, taught me what foods my body needs and doesn't need, and what I could do to continue on a day-to-day basis. I would definitely do it again and recommend anyone thinking about doing a detox to try this one with Tej."

— Nam Tsou, Mother

"The program enabled me to be more aware of maintaining a healthy body. I managed to lose about 5 kg throughout the program without going through too much difficulty. I am more aware of how to eat healthy now. Thank you Tej."

— EN

"I was a skeptic initially, now I am leaning towards the believer side..."

— Steve Hwang